SDP has mastered their craft. From the beginning consultation to the finished product, Dave and his team bring an artistic sense of professionalism and mastery to audio and video recording. Dave’s keen sense of musicality and drama are clearly evident in his recordings and he has an incredible eye when it comes to capturing and enhancing the many passionate and intimate musical moments on film. Dave is also a great partner and resource in helping dream up new and exciting artistic ways to capture the orchestral art form and to fully immerse the audience as part of the experience.”

Kristofer Sanz

MCYO, Artistic Director & Philharmonic Conductor

School Days Productions has filmed many of the productions and concerts that my children and I have been involved in over the years. Why do I continue to recommend them?  Their attention to detail, understanding of the creative process, respect for the audience/directors/performers, and their dedication to creating a quality product are all outstanding, but it’s their customer service and flexibility that gives them that edge over other recording companies.
Marci Shegogue

SDP is simply the best to work with, from pre-production, to day of show, through post production. Dave and his team are able to capture everything in it’s best light and translate it into a brilliant final video product, always leading with a kind and collaborative spirit and always putting the performers at the center of all their energy. They’ve become a trusted and valued partner in everything we do.”

Rolando Sanz

Producing Artistic Director & Co-Founder, Young Artists of America

I have used School Days Production for the past 8 years.  The quality they produce is amazing.  The many camera angles allows for a great experience for the viewer.  The sound quality is as if you are in the concert hall.  The professionalism is of utmost quality.  They are fast in getting the recordings to the customers, and they always work well with me during the stressful concert nights.  They are never in the way, and always provides a helping hand if need be.

Kevin Rouse

Instrumental Music Director, Thomas S. Wootton High School

Dave and his team have been incredibly professional and fun to work with. The reason I continue to use SDP for all our dance recitals is their ability to capture every dancers’ personality onstage in an innovative and memorable way. It took us years to find a company we were thrilled to work with, but the search ended and we could not be more proud of the footage they create. The beautiful smiles he puts on every parent’s face when they see their child dancing on TV is priceless!

Melissa Curlin

Owner & Director, District Dance Company

School Days Productions have been filming all of our school concerts for many years, and they’re nothing short of amazing at capturing the memories at our concerts! Each and every student on stage is clearly seen close-up in each video, and best of all, Dave is somehow often able to edit the sound so that the video ends up sounding even better than the original performance! It’s amazing what they have been able to fix! We also love the trailer of the concert that he provides, and posting it on our school website brings in even more orders! We are so grateful to School Days for their quality work!
Teresa M Potterton

Director of Music, Matsunaga Elementary School